North Carolina Press Association Awards thoughts

Every time I think I could not be luckier to work at a place like The Daily Tar Heel, we do something else that ups the ante.

Thursday night’s awards ceremony saw the paper win a variety of awards, including the coveted Green-Rossiter/Duke Award for Higher Ed reporting.

As the only college paper invited to the awards ceremony, I oddly did not feel out of place sitting amongst professional journalists. The DTH receives as much criticism as anyone or anything on this campus — and that includes J.P Tokoto’s jumpshot and Carol Folt’s decison-making process on a snowday — but we are very good at what we do, and the North Carolina Press Association acknowledged it last night.

We didn’t feel out of place because we are not college kids that make a newspaper everyday.

We are a newspaper staff that happens to also be going to the same college. We know how important our paper is to holding UNC, Chapel Hill’s town government and Student Government accountable and take this role as seriously as any “professional” paper does.

Of course, there are people that have helped us along the way, but that could be said for any paper.

In particular, I want to thank Amanda Albright for her tremendous help in getting me off to the right start as University Editor this year. Her knowledge and teaching helped win us the higher education and sexual assault reporting awards that the DTH does not always win.

In short, despite the consistent hate spewed across Yik Yak and other social media about the DTH’s incompetence, there is no denying it — we are pretty damn good at what we do.


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