Reporting on the school you love

The most difficult part about being in media and being someone who provides news to many is that your job is not to inform people what you think is what happened, but instead what you know happened.

Every person who is literate and old and mature enough to function is going to have opinions — it’s inevitable. Keeping these opinions out of our reporting is difficult, but even more so when you are writing about an entity you are a part of.

I am a student and fan of UNC and UNC athletics. I was born at UNC hospitals, and while I didn’t grow up a UNC fan (parents are LSU grads; geaux tigers!), I have been as passionate as any student when it comes to his or her school.

But I have also reported on the worst academic scandal in UNC’s history as well as UNC’s battle to right its past wrongs in dealing with sexual assault.

I’ve expressed my disdain for the way the University has handled the scandal, and received criticism for it (thank you trolls, I do see your tweets lol).

After writing these stories and dealing with the University’s PR parade, I have been asked how I can still be a fan of UNC when I have reported on it, and really it is simple — UNC has given me the opportunity to report on these important issues.

Without the DTH and the J-school, I would not have the knowledge, capability or supportive environment to report on such a divisive topic like the UNC academic scandal.

So thank you UNC — for giving me news and the ability to report on it.


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