Who will win 2015?

For the past three years, one of my favorite writers on the interwebs, Rembert Browne, creates a March Madness-esque bracket with 64 athletes, trends, businesses, social media sites and pop culture icons to answer one simple question: Who won (fill-in-the-blank year)?

It’s one of my favorite features every year because Browne is not crowdsourcing his decisions, but determining them with his sometimes cerebral and always entertaining thoughts on the “match-up.”

This year, the trend/entity of surveillance/footage won the bracket, after the Solange scrum with Jay-Z and Ray Rice’s inexcusable knockout of his financé dominated media coverage. You can read about the entire process here (you’re welcome for all of those clicks Rembert, I know that story is about to get BLOWN UP), but this post is breaking off from that and seeing some of the possible contenders for 2015’s title.


John Calipari

A historically great team potentially? Check. A complete and utter lack of adherence to the “right way” of college athletics (I’m sure Kentucky’s team choose the Wildcats for the academics)? Check. A perfect villain to destroy the NCAA? Check.

The sad part about this year’s Kentucky team is that I want to enjoy them; between their athleticism, pure talent and likable personalities (I wish Cauley-Stein had kept his bleached blonde look, but you can’t win them all), they are fun. 

But I have been trained by everyone who has ever had an opinion on college basketball to hate Calipari, despite the fact the only thing he has been guilty of at Kentucky so far is taking an advantage of an imperfect system (note: notice how I did not say what he was guilty of at UMass and Memphis — that’s a slippery slope).

So yeah, he’s a candidate.



In all seriousness, this guy has made Cleveland relevant again, and despite losing a step, he is still the most feared basketball player in the world as well as a global icon. If he brings Cleveland its first championship since 25 BC, then he wins 2015. Hands down, no questions asked.



The new video watching app created by UNC commencement speaker Jason Kilar is being beta tested, by yours truly even. I won’t give all the details, but I will say that it’s an impressive and easy-to-use interface, with a lot of big-named companies on-board.

Coach K

Yeah this sucks. But, if he wins the national championship this year — and with the talent Duke has, that is going to be a possibility — he will have another one to go with breaking the 1k mark for wins. Anyway you slice it, that’s pretty damn impressive.

But let me know your potential 2015 champs in the comments or by emailing me at bradleysaacks@gmail.com!


2 thoughts on “Who will win 2015?

  1. My contender after one full month of 2015 is President Obama’s new-found yes-I-can-and-I-will-so-suck-it-GOP attitude. It’s clear he’s decided that if the Republicans are going to make government an endless process of argue and delay, then they’re going to argue and delay over the right things.

    And he wins January simply for the line: “I know because I won both of them.” It leaves “I’m here so I won’t get fined” in the dust.


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