Don’t trust anyone

We discussed something startling in my JOMC 240 class this past Thursday — people are starting to trust Google more than media companies for their news. Why search through *your hometown’s newspaper’s* website when you can just plug whatever you want to know into Google and get told the same thing? This question, along with the obvious decline of print, is surely contributing to the rapidly receding hairlines of publishers across the world. My reaction, which I expressed in class, is that people are looking for an unbiased take on the biggest news, which has become exceedingly difficult especially with news surrounding politics, race, UNC’s academic scandal (thank you Twitter haters for the commentary!!!!!!), etc. The solution for news readers in today’s world? Do. Not. Trust. Anyone. Gone are the days where one newspaper dominates what a town knows or thinks; in order to get viewers/readers/consumers, some news companies (FOX FOX FOX FOX FOX) decided to put a political tilt on their coverage in an enticing maneuver for like-minded people. These companies are banking on a pretty simple ideal — people like hearing things that match their philosophies. Conservatives think gay marriage will destroy the world so FOX found people who will say just that on its newscast. See, it is easy. But, Bradley, what if you just want to get the news with no bias, no frills, no BS, no HS, no any kind of S? Well, you have to look around and fact-check everything. You can’t trust one source, it’s just reckless nowadays. Read as much as you can about the subject from a variety of media — legacy media, newscasts, blogs, podcasts — and determine your own opinion about the matter. Don’t trust just one paper. Don’t. And if you don’t have time for all of that, just Google it.


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