9/11 and Christopher

Today is 9/11. You will be reminded of this with everything you watch or listen to. 

Of course, I remember the day it happened; it was the most traumatic historical event for my generation. 

My elementary school didn’t get let out earlier or anything, but obviously there was a different tension in the school. The principal met with almost all teachers that day to tell them the news and kids that had NY ties were quietly removed from the school.

They kept us in the dark, which honestly was for the best. I was in first grade and did not comprehend the severity of what had happened.

It wasn’t till I got home and found my very pregnant mom crying, watching the towers fall over and over again on our old, shitty TV, that I realized what was going on — we were attacked.

The reason the title says 9/11 and Christopher is because almost exactly two months after the attack, my littlest brother was born. 

Christopher has been my personal barometer of the generation of the kids that weren’t alive for 9/11. My little brother will be 13 years old — a teenager!! — and he has lived his entire life in an America in fear. He never has flown on airplane without going through intense, uncomfortable security. He doesn’t understand why some people fear Muslims. And it blows my mind.

It blows my mind how old I am; I have very vivid memories of 9/11 and Christopher, who is now a 7th grader, wasn’t even alive. How is that possible? 

The wounds seem so fresh still. It could be because technology has improved so much that we can watch the video and get the chills all over again. Or it could be because it’s the only event in my life that had such a profound effect on the nation.

Christopher will never understand the fear in all Americans following the Twin Towers falling. And this blows my mind.


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