Learn to appreciate

Small children appreciate the little stuff like it should be appreciated.

Please try and argue with me about this. Watching a kid’s face light up when he or she gets the cookie he or she had been eyeing all dinner is hysterical — until you realize you wish you could feel the same amount of happiness for anything in your life. 

A memory that will always stick with me from freshman year happened during a rather drab Tuesday during November at Ram’s Head dining hall. It was45 degrees and slightly drizzling outside, and I had a cold and a assignment due in an hour. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly full of joy on this day. 

I sat down in a Ram’s booth with a mediocre grilled cheese and lukewarm skinny fries, ready to bs my way through whatever assignment I had. Red-eyed, coughing and blowing my nose, I looked and felt awful, with the goal of just getting through the day dominating my thought process.

Anyways, the door to the dining hall opens up and a flood of second-graders flood in, all of them wearing the same astounded face as they stared at the food and dessert options. Realizing my time with my beloved junk food might be running short, I hop up and speed walk over to the pizza before the kids can make it there (I’m a GREAT guy, amIright?). As I shimmying the slices onto my plate, this one kid is just gawking at me. Like mouth open, eyes wide-open staring. 

I was really hoping he would just divert his attention to the new pepperoni pie that was just put out or something, but nope — this little dude was fixated on me and I was starting to feel a little weird. 

“Uhhhh do you need me to uh help you find something?” I said to the kid, who came up to my hip at best.

“You come eat here everyday?” he asked incredulously, whispering at the end like I was breaking the rules by using my meal plan daily.

“Oh, uh yeah. Usually more than once actually.”

“That is SO cool.”

I could see the gears turning in his head as he figured it out — ok, so this guy goes to Carolina and comes here multiple times a day … I need to make sure I come here … I mean, Ram’s Head EVERY day — and realized I need to start appreciating this life I was living more. He made me realize I was wasting my time and my parents’ money by just trying to “make it through the day”. 

He then proceed to put, and I kid you not, six slices of pizza stacked on top of each other on his plate and scurried off, leaving me standing there, pizza grease dripping on my hand and a newfound energy for whatever assignment I had to do.

That kid should be a freaking motivational speaker. 


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