Just accidentally heard a Fall Out Boy song, watch out

I put shuffle on my music and the first song that came up was by Fall Out Boy so I’m about to Buzzfeed the eff out and make a top 5 favorite FOB song list SO GET EXCITED and pay attention. 

First, some background is required. Anyone who was born in the range of 1990 and 1996 was old enough to be hitting their prime awkward, angsty stage right when Fall Out Boy took over the radio and my heart. I was an innocent sixth grader when I listened to “Under the Cork Tree” for the first time.

Obviously, all of my preteen hormones were flowing so I was like songs about girls? THAT TOTALLY RELATES TO ME.

This FOB phase of my life ended in 8th/9th grade, but my good friend Tom and I still like to mess around with our patented Middle School Nights, where we push our hair down on our foreheads and jam out to FOB, Blink 182, Good Charlotte and others.

This list has no actual scientific backing soooo let’s begin:

5.  “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” 2007

This song is really only on the list because of the absurdity of its name. Like who in the world gave the go ahead for a vowel-less version of Thanks For The Memories. Maybe the producer had a beef with Wheel of Fortune and refused to buy any vowels? (note: if that actually happened, please contact me immediately because I need to know if Pat Sajak and FOB have underlying personal issues).

The song itself is alright; the lyrics talk about hooking up one more time with a moody ex so the content is obviously very cheery. “He tastes like you only sweeter” is a direct line from the song that I’m assuming was told to a FOB member by an ex

:((((( #dealwithit

4. “Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued” 2005

First FOB song I ever heard and that’s something you just never forget. Also, the name of this song is so cool for a sixth grader. WHAT WAS THE TITLE BEFORE THE DAMN LAWYERS GOT TO IT, I NEED TO KNOW. 

The lyrics were mehh compared to others but it was catchy and I was ignorant so yeah.

3. “Sugar, We’re Going Down” 2005

Nowwww we are getting to that good on-the-radio-when-loved-the-radio shit. I didn’t matter that I had no idea what the lyrics were saying, much less meant, because I heard this song on the way to and from every soccer practice, church event and pool trip. This song has got the tightest drums this side of “In The Air Tonight”.

2. “7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen)” 2005

Here’s a curveball watch out! This song was never as popular as some of its contemporaries on the album but 12-year old me dug the guitar riffs so hard and this was when my hair was as long as it was, giving me a legitimate reason to whip my hurr back and forth. Sorry not sorry bout it.

1. “Dance, Dance” 2005


But for real was it going to end any other way than “Dance, Dance”? Sorry to all the Sixteen Candles fans out there, but this song was dope annnnddddd was the first music video I ever owned on my iPod. It is set at a school dance so naturally I expected my middle school dances to similar to the video. Oddly enough, they weren’t but I certainly felt like I was in some kind of music video because middle school dances were the coolest thing known to man. 


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